Nr. 373f
29. September 1947

Schreiben des Befragers Carmel Offie an Robert Daniel Murphy mit dem Text einer von Rudolf Paul geplanten Rundfunkansprache

TOP SECRET 1 Frankfurt, September 29, 1947

Dear Bob:

I am transmitting for your information a copy of speech which Dr. Paul was going to make the night he asked for radio time. In the light of the interrogation report which I forwarded to you, I think this is an interesting document and will, I believe, give you a pretty good indication of his present state of mind.

He has, of course, been told to lay low in accordance with your wishes and is more at ease but don’t forget that he probably fully expects you to make him first Prime Minister of Western Germany if and when the London Conference fails!

All the best.


C. Offie


Copy of speech

The Honorable
Robert MurphyUS Politics Advisorfor Germany,Berlin
CO: ho

A little while ago I abandoned my office and duties in a manner which has no precedence in the history of the German Minister Presidents. The general public and especially the people of my homeland have an indisputable claim to learn the reasons which led me to act in this manner. For more than two years I stood at the head of the State of Thuringia. I will not speak of my work. It goes without saying that I gave everything I could, as far as ability, will and my health are concerned. At the same time I did all I could, in the interests if the State and its people, to keep on the best possible relations with the Soviet Occupation Forces.
As a jurist I am thoroughly familiar with right and duty. I might say I grew up among them. Such a step as I took only occurred after a bitter internal fight between my official duty and my intrinsic loyalty toward my people and my fatherland. In favor of the higher duty to people and fatherland, I sacrificed my office and my official duties, compromised a hitherto irreproachable name, left my entire fortune behind, and lost my home.
I fled form Thuringia, because I could not sit by with my hands tied and have my name used, while day bay day the criminal and amoral underworld was increasingly and knowingly pushed to the top, to the detriment of all decent conditions. In the Autumn of 1946 I had, as President of the State, given the order to bring up all former convictions against all persons occupying higher positions. From that time the underworld was on the warpath against me, as the representative of the constitutional state, in every conceivable way. The strength of their position became very evident when I was only able to oust some of these hardened criminals from their posts by offering to resign from my office.
I could no longer submit to having my name and office misused by arousing hopes in the people ever and ever again, only to have the same hopes always shown as fallacious, and thus casting suspicion upon the sincerity of the Minister President. For instance:
Firstly: In May 1946, it was my duty to inform the people that all dismantling was officially at an end. In contradiction to this proclamation of mine, dismantling was begun again a few months later, and its range greatly increased in the last few weeks.

Secondly: Landowners, who had been set free during sequestration proceedings by the unanimous decree of the commission set up for this purpose, have upon higher orders received an official declaration of this freedom. This official paper bore not only the signature of the Minister of the Interior responsible for the sequestration, but also in many cases the signature of the Minister President. Now, despite the unanimous agreement to this liberation and without any reasons being given, sequestration has again started up, and thus the name of the Minister President appears to be attached to a miscarriage of justice.

Thirdly: In January 1947, the newspapers declaimed in bold prints for weeks on and how much better off the civilian population would be in 1947 as regards clothing, shoes, and so on, thanks to the establishment of the SED. The official pronouncements of the Minister President had to follow the same lines. And the truth? I will not expose the miserable figures. But again the name and office of the Minister President were misused for false promises.

Some months ago the Marshall Plan was published. I hailed this and spoke about it in public. A few weeks later, on the radio and in the press, a call went out to the leading men in the Eastern Zone to oppose the Marshall Plan. At the top of the signatures to this motion of rejection my name had been placed, complete with all my titles. This signature was a complete forgery from the first to the last letter. Forgeries of this kind had already been made before.

Since taking up office in July 1945, I have unceasingly worked for the unity of Germany in my speeches, writings, and in my deeds. These endeavors have been systematically undermined for the past year; at first such undermining was not easy to recognize, but it has become more and more clear as time went on. With my knowledge of the situation in the Eastern Zone, I can no longer allow my name to be used nor can I be answerable to the people who are being misled with words like “Unity” and “Democracy”. It is incontestable that for some time an unscrupulous clique has existed in the Eastern Zone; this group, unmoved by the almost unanimous will of all classes of the population, knowingly works for the destruction of unity, surrepti[ti]ously and dictatorially directs the whole political life in its decisive phases, and strives to bring about the inclusion of the Eastern Zone as a federated republic in the USSR.

If I do not in so many words define my position vis-à-vis the Soviet Occupation Forces, it is because I have taken into consideration the fact that Germany is not yet divided, and that the London Conference is just about to take place.

Thuringians, a word to you: I fled form your land at a time when emergencies of all kinds stood right before the door. Our Thuringian forests were in danger of destruction from the bark-boring beetle, and the tropical drought of the summer has not only affected the fodder situation but also the potatoes and beets. But in spite of all exigencies, do not lose faith in our future, in Germany. For our fatherland I have left behind me all that I possessed. Time will prove it. I lost home and hearth to protect my public and private honor. I fled for the sake of Germany.

Quelle: Bundesarchiv Koblenz, Z 45 F (OMGUS), POLAD, Box 34, Folder 1-3 (ms. Ausfertigung).