Nr. 373c
22. September 1947
Schreiben Robert Daniel Murphys an den Befrager Carmel Offie zum Stand der Befragung Rudolf PaulsBerlin, September 22, 1947

Dear Carmel:

In reply to your inquiry about the letter from Dr. Paul, dated September 15, you will be interested in the enclosed copy of mine to Jack Hickerson in the Department.

I hope that the Paul interrogation is progressing well. In addition to the subjects given in AGWAR W-86463 dated September 17 to EUCOM, I trust the interrogators received a copy of the memorandum by Brewster, written on September 3, addressed to the War Department Detachment 2, OMGUS, outlining some of the information which we think might be valuable. In particular, I hope that Paul can be questioned as soon as possible regarding the alleged existence of concentration camps, and political arrestees in and refugees from the Soviet Zone, as this is a subject on which we are endeavoring to collect evidence for use by General Clay in replying to a recent inquiry from the War Department.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Murphy

Copy of letter toHickerson datedSeptember 22, 1947
Carmel Offie, Esquire,
Office of Political Adviser,Frankfurt.

Quelle: Bundesarchiv Koblenz, Z 45 F (OMGUS), POLAD, Box 817, Folder 2 (ms. Ausfertigung).