Nr. 373b
22. September 1947

Robert Daniel Murphy an den Staatssekretär des State Department zum Schreiben Rudolf Pauls

Berlin, September 22, 1947


Dear Jack:

Just a line to tell you about the case of Dr. Rudolf Paul, Minister President of Thuringia, who, as reported in our telegram 3043 dated September 6, recently fled form the soviet Zone and is now being interrogated by some of our people down in Frankfurt. (AGWAR cable W-86463 dated September 17 to EUCOM also covers this case).

I have just received a note from Paul, in which he endeavors to give, as anticipated, a somewhat heroic and virtuous explanation of his efforts, while Minister President, to carry on there for the cause of German democracy, in opposition to Soviet-communist policies. He also requests an interview with “an authoritative individual” concerning the meaning and purpose of t[h]e step he has taken. To this, I have sent word to him orally that there seems to be no necessity for such a meeting right now and that discreet silence as far as the public is concerned would seem to be the best line to take, at least for the time being.

General Clay and I have felt ever since he fled to Berlin on September 1 that instead of permitting him to make a big declaration to the press regarding his action, it would be better to question him quietly down in our zone, so that our Intelligence people could have a good opportunity to question him on a number of important matter on which he may have extremely useful information. The AGWAR cable mentioned above included certain suggestions along t[h]ese lines, and we have also provided some of our own. I am sure that the results of this interrogation should be interesting.
Yours eve r,Robert Murphy
The Honorable
John D. Hickerson,Director, European Affairs,Department of State,Washington, D.C.

Quelle: Bundesarchiv Koblenz, Z 45 F (OMGUS), POLAD, Box 817, Folder 2 (ms. Ausfertigung).